~ Terms of Service ~


whoisranking is an online tool that webmasters can utilize to analyze the popularity of their web presence among different search engines. This keyword analysis service that whoisranking provides, comes under certain Terms and Conditions that we expect service users to follow. These Terms are placed in order to assure the safe and ethical use of our service.
  1. What exactly does WhoisRanking.com do?

    At its simplest, whoisranking.com provides a means for webmasters to capture keywords that visitors use to when visiting a site. The reason whoisranking.com was developed was to simply provide a valuable tool for webmasters that would bring them crucial information about their performance right under their finger tips and bridge the gap between netpreneurs and advertisers providing a direct link of communication. One of the main objectives whoisranking.com aims to bring is additional value to online presence for a better presence and experience for all. whoisranking recognizes that this is only possible with clear indication to what adds value to your presence online, and this is where whoisranking.com wishes to service between Webmaster and their visitors. By doing so, it provides you with the ability to analyze your performance and conduct trend analysis through capturing of data.

  2. About the Terms of Service

    To be inline with the ethical use of web service, the Terms of Service mentioned here shall be imposed by whoisranking.com as the essential practice followed by any user wishing to use our service, for the safety of the online community, whoisranking.com will ban and may report criminal usage of the service. These Terms of Service may be changed at any time by whoisranking.com if the need arraises and it is the users responsibility to be aware of these terms.

  3. What's Allowed and What's Not

    You are not to use eHomie Service to conduct harmful or excessive requests to search engine.

    eHomie.com will not allow use of its services to the following sites and services

    No Adult Sites
    No Drug or Alcohol Sites
    No Gambling Sites
    No Spyware Sites

  4. Failures and Limitations

    whoisranking.com is in Beta phase and herein states that the service may not be available 100% of the time. There is the possibility of technical Failures. whoisranking.com states this now and by using the service you accept this fact and hold whoisranking.com with no responsibility to provide you with a 100% availability agreement.